Will my Account Auto-Renew?

In regards to our auto-renewal, please know that GetAssist is a yearly Business Membership Program. When you sign up for GetAssist, we outline our auto-renewal policy, as also stated in our Terms of Service, which you can find in your GetAssist account, on the far left-hand side. Please know that anyone who registers for a Business Membership with GetAssist is put on a yearly membership program, as opposed to having to re-register with us. This is an annual fee, to have access to all the amazing features GetAssist has to offer.

However please know that if you request to cancel your membership before the anniversary of your renewal date, then you will be taken off the auto-renewal program so that you are not charged. If we do not receive a confirmation to close the account before the year is up, then you will be automatically renewed. Also as stated in our terms of service, we have a no-refund policy for memberships fees for an account that was not closed before the renewal charge date.