How Do I Answer a GetAssist Request?

With a business membership, you will receive requests or leads from our social members. These are people looking to find a certain service provider. You will be able to see all your requests on your Grapevine, or in your Inbox under Give Assist.

  1. Go to www.getassist.comand log in to your Business Account.
  2. Find the GetAssist Request on your Grapevine or in your Inbox. If the Requester has offered appointment openings click on the one that works for your if not just click on Quick Reply





3. If this is your first time purchasing a lead, you will be asked to input your credit card information as leads cost $2.00. You will only need to do this the first time. Thereafter, you will just be asked to confirm your lead purchase.



4. Once you have Selected an Appointment or Quick Replied to a GetAssist Request, you are now Awaiting Customer Confirmation. The Customer will then receive the notification below, and will be asked to accept or decline your appointment and to provide you with some Contact Information.




5. If the Customer accepts your Appointment request, you will be provided with their Contact Information, and will be able to meet them for their Appointment and/ or contact them to discuss the job further. If all goes well, the Customer will Select you as their choice. Now it's just business as usual!