Where is my Renewal Information?

As with any online Subscription company your GetAssist membership is on a yearly Subscription. This meaning your account will auto-renew once a year unless canceled. To locate view your accounts renewal information, you first must;

  • Log into your account
  • Click on your username located at the top right corner


  • Click on the orange profile button


Your renewal information will be on the right side.


Membership Plan is the plan you sign up on it will either say, Basic, Plus or Pro.

Payment Details goes over your installment which will either say Yearly or Monthly,

Next billing date: is when your accounts next renewal are due

Amount (with taxes): will show you the amount to be charged on your renewal date.

Saved Card: is the card that is saved on file. You can update your card any time during your year with GetAssist 

If you wish to cancel your renewal, please email Support at You can also visit our FAQ article on how to cancel a GetAssist business membership.